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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Services

Welcome to Tommie's Plumbing, your trusted partner for professional garbage disposal repair & installation services. When you choose Tommie's Plumbing, you choose expertise and reliability to keep your house free from any garbage disposal-related issues. Contact us today!

The Importance of Reliable Garbage Disposal

A reliable garbage disposal unit is essential for your home or commercial property. This unit is an indispensable kitchen appliance that helps you manage food waste. It grinds up food scraps, preventing them from clogging your drains. Without a garbage disposal, you risk encountering issues like: 

  • Clogs in your kitchen sink.
  • Foul odors emanating from food waste.
  • Risk of plumbing damage and costly repairs.
  • An unhygienic and unpleasant kitchen environment.
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Our Garbage Disposal Installation Services

If you need a new garbage disposal unit, the technicians at Tommie's Plumbing can help you select the right model to meet your budget. We'll install your new unit, ensuring it's connected to your plumbing system, and test it thoroughly to guarantee that it functions smoothly.

Benefits of Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal Repair & Plumbing Services

Upgrades & Replacements with Tommie’s Plumbing

If your garbage disposal needs to be more efficient, we can help you upgrade to a more energy-efficient model. Upgrading your disposal unit can increase its lifespan, reduce the risk of clogs, lower your electricity usage, and improve overall performance. We offer a variety of models with different horsepower options to meet your unique needs.

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Our Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Don't worry if your garbage disposal is making strange noises, jamming frequently, or not working. Tommie's Plumbing is here to fix these issues. Our experienced plumbing technicians are skilled in identifying and repairing garbage disposals quickly and effectively.

We have an inventory of replacement parts and have the expertise to get your unit back in perfect working condition in minimal time. So contact our team today and schedule our garbage disposal services.

Clog Removal with Tommie’s Plumbing

If your disposal is experiencing frequent clogs, our team has the expertise to clear blockages and provide tips on preventing future issues. The team at Tommie’s Plumbing also inspects your system to confirm that no underlying issues contribute to clogs. Make life easier and hire us for all types of plumbing services in East Tennessee.

Choosing The Suitable Garbage Disposal Model

Selecting the right garbage disposal model is essential to ensure reliable operation in your kitchen. Consider these factors before investing in a new garbage disposal unit. 

  • The types of food waste you dispose
  • Your kitchen's size, design, and layout
  • Environmental considerations
  • Your budget
  • Noise levels
  • Energy efficiency

Our team at Tommie's Plumbing can help you navigate these factors and suggest a disposal unit that perfectly suits your needs. Call to consult with our plumbing specialists about what you need in a garbage disposal.

Popular Garbage Disposal Models

Various garbage disposal models from reputable brands are available in today’s market. When you need a new garbage disposal, we will discuss your preferences and install the most suitable garbage disposal unit for your home.

Some popular models include spinner white decorative disposals, wall switch-controlled disposals, energy-efficient disposals, high-power disposals, and budget-friendly options. We will guide you on which unit is best for you in the long term.

Professional Garbage Disposal Installation

How Much Horsepower Should Your Disposal Unit Have?

When selecting the right garbage disposal unit, carefully filter your options. One factor to consider is how much horsepower the disposal unit has. The horsepower determines the unit's grinding power, which impacts its ability to dispose of food waste. 

You can make an informed decision by filtering through the options and understanding how much horsepower you need. If you have any questions, you can call us to get more clarity on which garbage disposal to purchase for your home.

Benefits of Garbage Disposal Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your garbage disposal unit is necessary to maintain optimal performance and longevity. Some of the benefits of scheduling routine maintenance with Tommie's Plumbing include:

  • Prevention of clogs
  • Prevention of breakdowns
  • Enhanced grinding efficiency
  • Enhanced disposal efficiency
  • Reduced risk of plumbing issues
  • Reduced risk of costly repairs
  • Reduced risk of part replacements
  • A cleaner and more hygienic kitchen environment
  • Extended lifespan of your disposal unit
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Other Services Tommie's Plumbing Offers

We are not limited to garbage disposal services; we have a team specializing in plumbing services. The team at Tommie's Plumbing makes your life easy by solving your plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Us For Garbage Disposal Services?

When you choose our plumbing team for your garbage disposal needs, you benefit from:

Quality Products

We always use high-quality products and equipment for all our services. When it comes to garbage disposals, we offer top-quality brands to ensure that your system is durable and reliable


We are experts because we have years of experience in the plumbing services field. Our team of plumbers has years of work experience in handling all types of garbage disposal systems. They know about various models and can diagnose problems quickly and accurately. So when you hire us, rest assured because you have hired the experts.

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