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Reliable Septic Tank Installation Services

Tommie’s Plumbing is your reliable septic tank care and upkeep partner, providing you and your family with a worry-free environment. We maintain your septic system in peak shape with our premium plumbing services, giving you peace of mind and a hassle-free home. So contact us today!

What are septic tanks?

The Power of Septic Systems with Tommie's Plumbing

Septic tanks act as the guardians of your waste, eliminating it through the soil’s natural filtration mechanism. The wastewater performs a two-step dance, passing through the septic tank for filtration before moving to the leach field or drain field. Here some benefits of having a septic tank installed from Tommie’s Plumbing:

Additionally, soil bacteria enter after the water exits the septic tank to make it acceptable for reuse. It resembles Mother Nature’s mechanism for recycling. This is the exciting part: at Tommie’s Plumbing, we look after your septic system like superheroes. At reasonable prices, we offer professional septic tank installation and repair services. So why use traditional systems when we can provide the best?


Save Money on Septic Systems with Tommie's Plumbing

We understand that septic systems work invisibly, out of sight, and out of mind. Imagine sewage backups, water pollution in the ground, nauseating odors, and even foundation deterioration. The health and environmental risks, not just the costs, keep us up at night. You can cut done on septic tank cost by regularly maintaining.

We at Tommie’s Plumbing can help in this situation. We’re not just any plumbing company; we have the knowledge and experience to keep your septic system operating at peak efficiency. Save time and effort by letting us manage your projects. We treat every task seriously because your house and the environment deserve nothing less. Your house will be a stress-free paradise with us caring for your septic system.

Copper sulfate treatment for septic tanks

The Secret to Our Efficient Septic Systems

Here’s some wisdom for anyone considering installing a septic system: soil testing will alter everything. Why, you inquire? It’s like providing your system with the ideal environment for growth. This magical test evaluates the soil’s capacity to hold water, forecasts the extent of your leach field, and even probes beneath the surface to look for bothersome tree roots and water tables.

Some aerobic systems may also have a pretreatment tank and a final treatment tank, including disinfection to reduce pathogen levels further. The real kicker is that it might save you a ton of time and money in the long run. We at Tommie’s Plumbing are experts well-versed in conducting soil tests. Choose the company you can trust when you’re ready for septic tank work.

Choosing The Right Size For Your Septic Tank

Size is crucial in the case of septic tanks. The size of your tank should be determined by factors specific to you, such as the size of your family, how much water you use each day, and even how frequently you want to give your tank a little TLC. Our plumbing experts conduct the following steps in determining attributes of septic tanks other than size:

  • Identify the size requirements
  • Understanding type of waste water
  • Choose a durable material
  • Pick the correct water pump

At Tommie’s Plumbing, our plumbers are the pioneers in selecting the best septic tank size for you. We have your back, whether you’re in a busy suburban neighborhood or the peaceful center of a rural area. So that you have a worry-free septic system, let us perform the calculations to determine the ideal match for your septic tank effluent flows requirements.

Protect Your Septic System with Tommie’s Plumbing

Let’s discuss a cunning troublemaker: tree roots inside your septic tank. These unwanted visitors can cause havoc on your system, but don’t worry; copper sulfate is our secret weapon. It acts as a septic tank superhero! Flush some copper sulfate down the toilet if you already have a root issue, and watch those roots disappear. The catch is that you should refrain from pouring it down your drains since it might damage metal pipes. Spread some copper sulfate where the roots prefer to make their spectacular entrances if you’re serious about stopping more root invasions. We’ll keep those roots at bay since our plumbers at Tommie’s Plumbing are experts in this field.

The Scoop On Septic Tank Replacement

With routine maintenance, your dependable septic tank may typically function for thirty to forty years. The real kicker is that misuse, abuse, or an annoying mishap can accelerate that timetable. So, it could be time to consider a tank replacement if you can smell issues or observe indicators of a failing system. In response, we are here.

Tommie’s Plumbing is your first choice for the best septic tank replacement services. We have the knowledge, expertise, and experience necessary to restore the health and happiness of your septic system. Choose Tommie’s Plumbing today to keep your house functioning smoothly and avoid waiting until it is too late!

Soil testing for septic tank installation

Picking the Right Septic Tank Material For You

We know exactly what works best for you in terms of septic tanks. How effectively your septic tank performs depends greatly on the material used to construct it. We’re here to serve as reliable counselors and lead you to the best decision. 

Here are some of the most common types of materials used in septic tanks:

  • Coated Steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Polyethylene

Each has advantages and disadvantages of its own, such as the rock-solid but extremely massive concrete tanks that need cranes to be installed. We have the expertise to pair you with the best tank for your requirements. Put your trust in Tommie’s Plumbing, and together, let’s discover the ideal partner to maintain your septic system functioning flawlessly.

Choosing Our Septic Tank Services

The plumbing experts at Tommie’s Plumbing understand the complexities behind septic tank installation. We provide plumbing services focusing on attention to detail and delivering fool-proof solutions.

Quality Products

Installing or maintaining a septic tank requires conducting accurate measures to avoid failure. The experts at Tommie’s Plumbing only use the highest quality tools and materials for all plumbing matters which is why our plumbing services are unmatched!


At Tommie’s Plumbing, all our plumbers have years of experience in the plumbing industry. With the help of our elevated expertise level, we assure immaculate plumbing services. You can rely on Tommie’s Plumbing for all your plumbing matters.


Unlike other plumbing companies, our services come at affordable rates so you don’t have to worry about costly repairs. Trust Tommie’s Plumbing for reasonably priced plumbing services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our approach is customer-focused, meaning that we always put our customers first. We take great pleasure in providing top-notch plumbing services, and we’re still dedicated to meeting your needs.

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Are you prepared to take the next step in protecting your house and ensuring your septic system runs without a hitch? Don’t look anywhere else than Tommie’s Plumbing. The winning formula you require combines our exceptional septic tank services and constant dedication to perfection. When you can choose the best, don’t wait. Contact us now to receive the consistent, dependable, superior plumbing services only Tommie’s Plumbing can provide. We give the finest because we believe it is what your house deserves. Choose us for a well-maintained septic system and peace of mind.

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Quality Products

We at Tommie’s Plumbing, only use the best quality materials and tools. With high-profile tools, our plumbers are able to identify the cause behind a copper line issue and address it with proper care.


Having years of experience in the plumbing industry plays a vital role in our expertise. Since all our plumbers have been plumbing for years, they are able to deliver promising plumbing services efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction

Tommie’s Plumbing focuses on fulfilling our customer’s plumbing needs. No matter what the issue is, you can sit back and let the professionals conduct a satisfying plumbing job. Trust in Tommie’s Plumbing for promising plumbing services.

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