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Plumbing Services in Unicoi, TN

At Tommie’s Plumbing, we're more than just your standard plumbing firm; we're your go-to heroes for plumbing emergencies, repairs, and everything in between. Contact us today to get in touch with our plumbers in Unicoi, TN for unmatched plumbing services.

Opt For Tommie's Plumbing Services in Unicoi, TN

The plumbing miracle has worked for over three decades at Tommie's Plumbing. You read it right: 30 years of ending plumbing problems and clogged drains! We have the reputation in the plumbing sector to back us up. We have established ourselves throughout the Lakeway Area because of our reputation for superior plumbing repair, 24-hour emergency plumbing services, and plumbing system expertise. 

We've made it our duty to keep your pipes in excellent condition, and we do it with not one, not two, but three facilities in Greeneville, Jonesborough, and Morristown. Maintenance services? Urgent plumbing needs? We've covered everything and are eager to demonstrate how Tommie's Plumbing completes tasks.

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Your Unicoi, TN's Heroes For Hassle-Free Plumbing

Instead of being your typical plumbers, we want to be the best in the business. Whether finding leaks or resolving annoying plumbing issues, we're your dedicated problem solvers, taking care of everything quickly and expertly.

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Unmatched plumbing facilities

Have a plumbing problem in Unicoi, Tennessee? Be at ease! We are the plumbers you require, with expertise in water heater repairs and plumbing system upgrades for your Blue Ridge home. We deliver:

  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction

To ensure a hassle-free experience and uninterrupted plumbing, Tommie's Plumbing is your one-stop shop for all plumbing requirements. Let's cooperate to preserve those pipes in excellent condition and end plumbing problems!

What Tommie's Plumbing Has To Offer in Unicoi, TN

We at Tommie's Plumbing are your go-to family, committed to providing excellent plumbing services at reasonable prices. Our dedication is evident in every task we take on. We have your back regarding plumbing services in Unicoi, Tennessee. Our certified plumbing staff is equipped to repair any problems with your system. We have the answers, all provided quickly and exactly on time, for anything from accurate estimates to skilled management of septic tanks, heat pumps, damaged pipes, and more.


Tommie's Plumbing offers a vast amount of experience and an unmatched reputation. Our plumbers use a methodical approach that allows them to recognize plumbing problems and address them quickly.

Time Efficient

Tommie’s Plumbing is here to provide the fastest plumbing services. So, if you have a leaky pipe or septic tank, don’t hesitate calling us because we’ll eradicate the issue and ease you from the stress!

Coordination Skills

Our plumbers work efficiently because they keep each other updated on the tasks. If one team of plumbers are working on your faucet leakage, the other team will keep them posted about anything that might be causing those problems.

Licensed and Certified

Our plumbers are licensed to conduct any sort of plumbing job. It means they are qualified and knowledgeable in dealing with any sort of plumbing concerns.

Customer Satisfaction

We operate on a customer-centric business model. We keep our customers in the loop throughout the process. If you’re happy, we’re happy!

Services Offered At Tommie's Plumbing

Here are the services we offer:

Copper Line Repairs:

It's critical to address copper piping problems quickly through repair services to limit future damage, save water, and save costs. Experienced repair professionals know how to quickly spot leaks and other issues and effectively resolve them to guarantee the plumbing system functions as it should.

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Tankless water heater installation

Installation and Maintenance of Garbage Disposal Units:

Integrating a garbage disposal unit supports environmentally sustainable waste management by minimizing food waste and easing the burden on landfills. Regular maintenance ensures this waste disposal system's lifetime and effective operation.

Solutions for Fixing Faucets:

Although a leaking or broken faucet may seem annoying, its effects can be severe. Even a minor leak over time may waste a lot of water, increasing water costs and harming the environment.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services in Unicoi, TN:

Sometimes our sewer and drainage gets clogged with waste material which obstructs the water flow. Let the experts from Tommie’s Plumbing take care of your sewer cleaning in Unicoi, TN

Septic tank maintenance

High Water Bill:

Nobody wants to pay extra money for their water supply. Tommie’s Plumbing will take a look into your plumbing connections to find any leakages which may be a cause of a higher water bill.

Water Heater Installation:

The winter season requires the use of hot water for various tasks. Tommie’s Plumbing provides unmatched water heater installation services in Unicoi, TN.

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Tankless Water Heaters:

At Tommie’s Plumbing, we provide tankless water heaters that require no stored water for heating. You can get instant hot water in your faucets just by a turn of a knob.

Garbage Disposal:

You can rely on Tommie’s Plumbing if you want an effective garbage disposal system installed in Unicoi, TN.

Sewer Line Replacement:

Sewer Line replacement services are hard to nail. However at Tommie’s Plumbing, we will execute a fool-proof sewer line replacement job.

High Water Pressure:

Why should anyone suffer from a low water pressure in their homes? It can get problematic overtime. Which is why, Tommie’s Plumbing is here to deliver excellent plumbing services in Unicoi, TN.

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Why Tommie's Plumbing is The Best Option

"At Unicoi, Tennessee, we are committed to perfection, whether installing a new toilet or designing the ideal walk-in shower. For all your plumbing needs, put your faith in our staff of dependable plumbers who provide unmatched support and a smooth trip. Our expertise is promptly providing top-notch service and superb workmanship, taking care of issues like septic tanks, hot water systems, heat pumps, and water leaks—all at a reasonable price. 

We demonstrate our prowess in handling plumbing requirements, ensuring a smooth service experience. With our significant experience in sewage and drain cleaning, bid farewell to inconvenient plumbing situations and hello to beautifully running pipes. As your go-to plumbing contractor in Unicoi, Tennessee, we carefully monitor the pipe installation to guarantee that each faucet functions without a hitch.

Neighboring Cities in Unicoi, TN We Serve

Proof of our constant commitment to providing first-rate plumbing solutions is that at Tommie's Plumbing Unicoi, TN, we ensure that the locals and companies can access trustworthy and competent plumbing specialists. Excellent emergency services are provided by Tommie's Plumbing not just in Unicoi, Tennessee, but also in nearby Johnson City, Elizabethton, and Greeneville. Our dedication is firmly anchored in offering top-notch service, attending to these communities' varied demands, and helping to maintain trustworthy and effective plumbing systems. Our commitment to flawless performance and client happiness extends to effective plumbing installs, skilled repairs, and routine maintenance.

Unicoi, TN

The lovely Appalachian town of Unicoi, Tennessee, combines outdoor activity possibilities and natural beauty. Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy the plethora of recreational sites thanks to its lush woods, picturesque hiking routes, and the gorgeous Unicoi State Park. The city provides a peaceful getaway into nature, whether you choose to hike the trails alone or with company. 

Additionally, Unicoi has several delightful neighborhood eateries where you may enjoy the friendliness and cuisine of the South. There is something to titillate every taste bud, from cozy diners providing comfort cuisine to small cafes offering regional delicacies. Therefore, Unicoi, Tennessee, offers a lovely combination of outdoor activities and gastronomic pleasures to make your vacation memorable, whether you're a solitary explorer or looking for fun with company.

Tommie’s Plumbing: Leading Plumbing Experts in Unicoi, TN

In Unicoi, Tennessee, Tommie's Plumbing is breaking the mold of the standard handyman task; we are the renowned neighborhood plumbers committed to offering first-rate plumbing help. We have experience dealing with Unicoi plumbing issues and expected improvements that improve your home. 

Our main goal is to run a plumbing company that respects your investment. We hope to establish ourselves as your area's reliable and reasonably priced plumbing contractor. So don't worry if you have a plumbing issue. Contact Tommie's Plumbing; we are always ready to intervene and perform plumbing miracles.


Do you want to know more about plumbing services? Read the following commonly asked questions by people on the internet:

A. Plumbing problems left unattended can seriously damage buildings' structural integrity and encourage the spread of mold.

A. Definitely. Regular maintenance is essential for seeing and addressing possible problems early on, avoiding costly plumbing repairs and a serious plumbing emergency.

A. You may insulate exposed pipes, let faucets drip, and leave cabinet doors slightly ajar to help warm air circulate. To reduce the risk of freezing, ensure some warmth is present, especially if the area is empty.